Maria – I wasn’t just an intern: I was a partner!

A Story by Maria, a Business Administration and Human Resources Manager

Country of Origin: Spain

Destination: Prague (Czech Republic)

(Story collected by Vuste Envis)


In 2009, I finished my degree in Business Administration and Law. At that time, I had only done two internships, one in a city council and another in a lawyer’s office. Needless to say, I had a lot of questions about my professional future. I didn’t know how channel my career. I did know I wanted to work in a large company and for that I needed international experience, which led me to search for an international internship. And why not Prague?

I could experience a new culture, practice English, and get to know a new city. It was a wonderful choice! Gradually, however, all my doubt disappeared. Just a few days after moving to what is now my favourite city, I started work at Vuste Envis, the company that organized my internship. In those days, the company was comprised of four young and energetic business partners. They did their best to make me feel at home from my very first day of work. In this company I had a mission. I was charged with developing professional contacts between Vuste Envis and numerous Spanish organizations. I had to search for the organizations, make initial contact, set appointments, and meet with them to introduce Vuste Envis as a potential partner in future projects. I didn’t always achieve what I wanted, but that is the only way to learn. I learned the importance of relationships, tactful communication, and the responsibility I felt when they put their trust in me. I wasn’t just an intern –I was a partner!

Apart from those responsibilities, I was also in charge of coordinating events for my fellow interns. Being that we were all from abroad, I organised activities to help us learn about Prague and experience the local culture. For me, this was a great exercise in creativity and helped me develop lasting friendships with the other interns.

Now I am working in human resources at a large Spanish company, Telefónica (O2). I am confident that my experience as an intern in Prague helped me secure my current position. International experience with other cultures is mind opening. The fresh perspectives and new ideas it precipitates are invaluable, especially in the world of business.

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