Name Gaia Lucic

Country of origin of the beneficiary Slovenia

Country in which s/he realized the mobility project Ireland

Type of mobility (professional, education, volunteering, non formal training/adult training, youth exchanges) Erasmus+

 Because I wanted to get new work experience, meet new people, improve my English, and learn about new cultures… I have never travelled this far before, so this is my first long trip. I wanted to experience an airplane flight and live with another family, to learn their life style. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone.


I really want to stay, because is so nice here and the people are so friendly. I meet a lot of people and some of them become my friends. I hope someday I will come back in Derry with my mom, just for a visit. But I would never live in Derry because it would never feel like home!


From a professional point of view I learned how to use new programs, apps, how to work with documents, bills and from a personal point of view I learned how to communicate with different people. If I could stay a little bit longer I would learn many more things. What I learned here will be useful in school, I will teach it to my mum and to my friends.


Mobility has helped me to feel much more like a European citizen as I have spent time in another European country, living with a family and experienced a different culture.

Derry has beautiful parks and the city has lots of beautiful monuments and buildings to visit. I would recommend a mobility experience to my friends and my family as it is a great way to see more of the world, meet lots of nice new people, and gain work experience in another country while improving your English language.