Roberta – An Italian in Derry

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A story by: Roberta Di Mauro

Country of origin: Italy

Destination: Derry, Northern Ireland

Type of mobility: Professional

I took part in this project for lots of reasons. I knew that this project would teach me responsibility and also help me to learn new language skills. I wanted to improve my English, work hard and increase my work-related skills. I wanted to become more independent and travel to a new part of the world and experience a new culture.

I did not stay in Ireland as I had to return to Italy to continue my studies but I hope to return to Ireland in the future and return to the companies that I worked in to say hello to my colleagues!

Mobility brought a lot to my life. I have developed as a person – I am more happy, I have more self-confidence and more belief in myself and my ability. I have more skills related to my agricultural background as I spent time working on a farm, working in a fish factory and working at a horse riding stables. I feel more responsible and I know what they expect from me when I go to work.

Also, my English has improved and this makes me feel more confident and maybe more happy to travel in the future.

I Feel a bit more like an European citizen because me and my friends lived with an Irish family so we have been exposed to Irish customs and traditions. We ate Irish food and spoke English at home. At first it was difficult to adapt to the new culture but after a few weeks I adapt easily. I would tell any of my friends or my family that a mobility experience is a good idea. It makes you more confident, more informed about other countries and cultures and helps you to make decisions about which career you might like in the future.

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