“We need to cooperate and work in order to found a real European political union …”


A story from: Francesca 

Country of origin: Italy

Coutry of destination: Germany

I learned Political Sciences, with a doctor dissertation in foreign relations, and today after a very positive experience as assistant to a member of European Parliament and some years in a technical-scientific branch of Italian foreign minister,  I a work as communication and political adviser. At the moment as communication manager  in a research action office.

I attended Erasmus/Socrates programme in 1998 in Germany in the middle of my university course. I decided to go in Germany because I just learned English as a first language and I would have liked to improve my second language, German. I also wanted to open my spaces towards the world, because I wanted to study international career and I thought studying abroad should be necessary, just not an asset.

Even if only one test made at the University of Kassel  had been recognized by Italian university  I think this experience was totally positive. I improve German language and I made a lot of friendships, some still alive and kicking.

Erasmus is kind of a door opened, that open other doors and you don’t come back to your old life style. When I arrived in Kassel a group of Erasmus students from the whole Europe literally adopted me . I felt myself as part of a community. You discover independence: you feel as that you can live alone in a foreign country, a strange place so different from your homeland. You have not your family close to you -during those years we had not mobile phones or internet- so you grow fast.

Erasmus improve my passion for international career and international politics,

I consider myself as European citizen, I’m interested in European and international policies, I feel me as free and secure to travel everywhere. I went back to Italy but I could to move abroad in future.

Every time I talked about this experience I tell them to go!

I also would like to tell politicians, about new programs, to improve the financial investments of international exchanges and on Erasmus plus. Going back is awful for education and culture.

About human rights there a lot to do. I think about refugees and immigration to Europe: where is Europe I knew? Europe opened to knowledge and culture and solidarity?

We cannot give blind and little national answers to big global questions. We need to cooperate and work in order to found a real European political union and to create the United States of Europe.