A mobility story by Charlotte



A story by Charlotte Wuillai

Country of origin: France; Destination Country: Italy

I went to Florence to take part in the Leonardo program just after being graduated in urban engineering. I wanted to have an experience abroad, learn a new language. All my wished have been fulfilled. I had the chance to do my internship in an agency of architecture where I learned so much; as much on a tecnical point of view as on a cultural one.

Before doing the internship, we had three intensive weeks of classes of italian which were very useful to communicate and thus integrate ourselves in the everyday life (personnal and professional). People from the school and the entreprise were wonderful and if you showed your motivation, interest they would help you as much as they can.

For me, 3 months were not enough. I decided to go back and continue my adventure in Italy. Thanks to this internship, I was accepted in an art school in Bologna. I am very grateful for the experience which brought me on the road I’ve always wanted to be.

Therefore I advise of course a mobility experience to everyone!! Make the most of it!

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