A whole world to be discovered and a path life to find

Marco Santaterra
From Padova (IT) to Lisbon (PT)

18.Marco Santaterra

When you are in your twenties, your daily routine becomes tight.

There is a whole world out there to be discovered, and you still have to find out a path for your life. I think that is why it is quite normal for people to be seeking for an opportunity to spend some time abroad while having a life experience.

As for me, I took part in an educational mobility experience in Lisbon (Portugal) in the framework of the Erasmus+ programme.

An educational exchange in another country is much more than studying abroad. Not only you undergo a different educational system, with its own didactics, methods, traditions, but you also test yourself in a new context.

You enhance your CV with a valuable experience and at the very same time you enrich your whole life thanks to new encounters and discoveries.  I think I am not exaggerating when I say that even a short period abroad can literally change your life.

You gain new expertise, you learn a new language, and you might find out an area in which to develop your competencies that you would have never thought of. You have the chance to improve both your hard and soft skills. On the one hand, you put into practice what you have been learning along your educational career, and on the other hand you also acquire skills you probably would not learn only by studying, such as autonomy, self-confidence, initiative.

Moreover, an international mobility makes you feel a European citizen: I believe that it is possible to build a common sense of European citizenship allowing the European citizen themselves to get to know Europe, i.e. to give them a chance and the support to travel and live in another European country. In this way the common features stand out and the cultural peculiarities are respected.

This is one more remarkable asset that makes me recommend anyone to take part in a mobility project.

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