Always ahead

A story from Dorota

Country of origin Poland


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Can you imagine a work which always inspires you? Work which gives you an energy for next days, and makes you feel great even on Monday morning. I can… It’s my work.

Since 6 years I am working as a coordinator of European projects which are focused on develop and gain competencies through international mobility among young people. As NGO, we are hosting and sending volunteers, interns from different countries, supporting VET schools in terms of innovation solutions for methods of teaching as well as creating youth councils in order to spread democracy and critical thinking.

Work in an international environment it’s a lesson of humility and respect for others, for the diversity of cultures and values. It is also a constant cross the limits and going beyond own comfort zone. Moreover such a work helps to see worldwide perspective in the context of the achievements and accomplishments own country. After these few years of working I have to say that is not always easy, very often is challenging, but the truth is that in any other work I didn’t meet so many interesting and inspiring people. I am taking my motivation to work from my work. Always Ahead.

Dorota Kowalska -SemperAvanti

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