Always get that chance!

Martina Formentini story photo

A story by Martina

Country of origin: ITALY
Country of destination: CYPRUS
When I decided to apply for this project I didn’t know how this could have been the most amazing experience of my life!
I am a very stubborn person and after my graduation I knew I wanted a long experience abroad. Unfortunately (or maybe not), I didn’t know Cyprus would have given so much to me in such an unexpected way that I would never forget for the rest of my life.
One of the things I’m sure I won’t forget is how nice, kind and helpful Cypriot people are. At Andreas Orthodoxou company, the shipping agency where I did my internship, from the very first moment I felt part of a family. I never felt like a foreigner who does not speak the language, but like a guest welcomed to their house. They gave me the chance to learn, to improve my skills, to eat their food (there was always a birthday or a Name’s day to celebrate) and to know their culture and religious traditions.
After five months, I can say I felt like home there. Limassol turned out to be my city with its best and worst and all the people I met, my tutors, my dear half-Cypriot and half-Italian friend/boss, my colleagues and of course my housemates who became precious friends. Everybody gave me something I’m going to be grateful of forever.
It’s not easy to describe five months in a few lines, I just want to say that no matter how unknown the place seems to be, how strange and different the habits of the people are, you have to taste it, to smell it, to try it, to enjoy every moment because for sure, it will make your life richer in so many ways.