Amy – From Monday to Friday on the island of Aphrodite



A Story by Amy Hitchenes

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Destination: Cyprus

As a participant of a European mobility programme (the Leonardo Da Vinci programme), I was able to spend 10 weeks in the beautiful country that is Cyprus. During my time there, I carried out two weeks of intensive Greek lessons, and eight weeks of a work placement with PLATO Educational Services.

The internship offered a real insight into a working environment with an international European company, and developed my abilities in communication and task efficiency. The placement provided me with transferable skills and international experience which will be an asset to any job. 

I really loved my time in Cyprus; and would highly recommend it as a destination to anyone, whether visiting or working. The Cypriot people are enormously hospitable and incredibly welcoming, and the country itself is rich with history and fascinating culture. I found the attitude to life and work here to be considerably more relaxed than that of the style in the United Kingdom, which for a while took a little adjusting into, but I am 100% certain that applying for the mobility programme was the right choice for me, both as a young adult and a European citizen.

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