Mobility in Derry with Andrea Barolo

  • Andrea Barolo

A story by: Andrea Barolo

Country of origin of the beneficiary: Italy

Destination: Northern Ireland

Type of mobility: Hospitality

There are so many things I like about Derry! The people are very friendly and sociable and I like the standard of living in the city.

While out on placement my favourite thing about the placement was the fact I got the chance to improve my English skills and I was very happy because I was trusted by the members of staff and Iwas given a lot of responsibility, which I was extremely grateful for!

Hints and tips for students who are just arriving, try to adapt to your surroundings, enjoy every day, don’t complain about the weather  – it is worse everywhere else! Shop around for cheaper and better things, feel spirit of local culture, be able to adapt to your surroundings, make the best of your chance and try to speak English as much as you can.

I have gained both professional and personal qualities during my mobility. I feel that professionally I have gained a better knowledge and understanding of the job and a better understanding of English as I had the opportunity to improve my English and grow in my profession.

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