Bogdan – From Bucharest to Derry

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A story by: Dan-Bogdan Dîlgoci

Country of origin: Romania

Destination: Northern Ireland

Type of mobility: Professional

While staying abroad, I have not visited the city like other students; instead I have enjoyed visiting the attractions, like the museums, bars and clubs. I have also done different things like paintballing, going to the cinema to watch English films and sightseeing.

I really enjoyed my work placement, the main thing I liked about it were the people as they were friendly and sociable. I had many tasks to do while at my work placement. This gave me experience for the future like making questionnaires, designing and making business cards, researching, attending workshops and events. I definitely recommend this experience to anybody as it is a great way to not only improve your English but also meet lots of new people.

I think N.Ireland is a great place with lots of friendly people, and I would recommend it to new students. My advice is to be careful but be friendly at your work placement as it is a great experience. I am already making plans to return to N.Ireland as I had such a great time during my stay!

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