Brian – Coming to Prague was really a dream come true

A Story by Brian, a Cartoonist

Country of Origin: England (UK)

Destination: Prague (Czech Republic)

(Story collected by Vuste Envis)

Prague 05

It was exactly three years ago I arrived in Prague, my adventure was set up by Vuste Envis and I have never left. I had been studying and working in England in Animation and Illustration. I had tried really hard to get some kind of break, but there was so much competition that it was almost impossible for me to get any experience. Somehow I came across an organisation in England that organised experiences for people like me to be able to gain use my knowledge and gain experience abroad. So I arrived nervous here in Prague with not such high expectations, because up until that time I had always been let down by such experiences.

Vuste was a great organisation, this was the height of the Financial Crisis, but at that time such programs prove to be even more important, to not just give more skill to the workforce but to also improve moral and champion diversity in Europe. These things are extremely important to our future. We were provided accommodation by Vuste Envis, as well as help get from the Airport where they met us. We then received classes for two weeks from a Czech teacher to improve our knowledge of the country which was very foreign to us. This was all invaluable much of the things I learnt there I still use to this day. During that time I was placed in an animation company called Eallin, who make short films and animation for TV and Internet. At this company I was finally able to realize my ambitions of many years and able to work in my dream job. Although the internship arranged by Vuste was only supposed to be for 3 months, the company I worked for was happy to keep me on afterwards. Today we work on television series and many other wonderful projects.

Coming to Prague was really a dream come true for me, and it wouldn’t have been possible without the program Leonardo that I came on. It is really no joke that I have done very well because of that program. I have met many famous people, ambassadors, diplomats, MP’s, even Vaclav Havel because I had the chance to realise my ambitions here in Prague. Without Vuste is just wouldn’t have been possible.

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