Bruna – Working abroad

  • Pereira

A story by: Bruna Pereira

Country of the beneficiary: Portugal

Country in which she realized the mobility project: Northern Ireland, Derry

Type of mobility: Leonardo Da Vinci


Why did you take part in a mobility experience? For me, this program is essential for all the people, in both personal and professional ways. With this program, I will understand new cultures and develop my professional skills, as well to improve a foreigner language, in formal and proper way.
Since I was a student, I wanted to apply for this program, but due to a diverse of different professional and personal reasons, I just can apply for it now. I am really interested to meet new cultures, new people, improve a foreign language and grow up and develop my professional skills, as well the personal too.
I believe that this project would fulfill my ambitions in professional and personal way.

If you stay, why have you decided to stay? I stay because I like my work – I learn every day something new and I know new people, both locals and people from other country. I also like to stay because I have friends here and I feel there are more opportunities to practice English and improve professionally.
What has mobility brought to your life; from personal and professional point of view?
I am very happy to join and integrate myself in this program / internship. Personally, I consider this field (social work) very competitive, challenging and at same time this program gives us a reward in a professional and personal way.

Do you feel that mobility has helped you to feel like a European citizenship? Yes, surely. It is so easy to travel to other country and work, and this is possible because I am a European citizen. Before, I didn’t consider this but it is real now because I live it.

Would you advise a mobility experience to your friends/family? Yes. I would definitely recommend them to do this type of experience. It is good for meet new people from different countries, and to learn how work is in other places in Europe.

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