“Confrontation […] was one of the goals of my exchange…”

A story by Denise

Country of origin: Italy

Country of destination: Hungary

I was always interested in the discovery of new countries and cultures. When the possibility to leave my country to go on Erasmus came up, I didn’t think about it twice: it was exactly what I was looking for. I spent 10 amazing months in Budapest, Hungary. I believe that having the opportunity to study abroad opens up your mind, makes you see things from different points of view and helps to create your very own point of view and perception of the world, in a more complex and mature way.

Ten-House Dinner time

Ten-House Dinner time

The confrontation with people from many different countries was one of the basis and goals of my exchange. I met many wonderful people from almost anywhere in Europe, and that allowed me not only to have a deep look in a variety of different cultures but also made it possible to create strong bonds and friendships I know will last for a long time.

From my “education-path” point of view, for sure it was interesting to see how the University works in a different country, but I have to admit that the amount of work I had to do there and what I usually have to do back in Italy was beyond compare. Anyhow, this experience enriched me on many different levels, and I wouldn’t change anything of it.

For sure, as I said, an experience like this makes you more aware of how Europe actually is, breaking stereotypes and widening the participants’ knowledge about different countries.

I would totally recommend this kind of exchange, as long as one is open minded, curious and intrigued by cultural diversity!

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