Derry via Dublin and Belfast

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A story by Cristian Mascio
Country of origin: Italy
Destination country : Northern Ireland
Type of mobility: Non formal training

During my time in N.Ireland I visited many other places around Ireland like Dublin and Belfast and saw many famous attractions like the Giant’s Causeway and Carrick-a-rede rope bridge. I think that the people in N.Ireland are extremely friendly and sociable; making it easy for me to make new friends, that I hope to stay in contact with when I return to Italy.
When people ask what I like most about my work placement, I have so many things to say; how it was a great way to improve my English, as I wouldn’t get the same experience back home but also I love my workmates and supervisors. I got along great with them, they were good craic and made me feel like a local!
I think that doing a work placement here was the best experience of my life; I was able to become independent and mature as I was in a different country and didn’t know anybody. However I was very quick to make friends with the people in N.Ireland. I also think for people, who are shy, it is a great thing to do as you become confident in speaking to new people, especially in English and this is the reason why I like most people undertake a project like this to improve our English. Therefore I would thoroughly recommend a mobility experience like this to my friends or family.
My top tip for students who have just arrived is: don’t worry, be happy! It is not as difficult as I thought it would be, instead I don’t want to go back to Italy because I love Derry so much. However I also advise to take the placement seriously and be friendly; it is a great experience, don’t waste it.