Encho speaks why he went to a mobility


Written by: Encho Enchov
Country of origin: Bulgaria
Country of destination: Lithuania

My name is Encho Enchov and I am studying at the University of National and World Economy in Sofia. Recently I took part in mobility, because I like to travel and I feel a need to meet new people, to find new places. Well this is the first thing that comes to my mind. I‘d like to think like that, but this is not the whole true. Probably it’s just a part of it – the pleasant, fun part. /laughing/

The other part of the reason why I joined the mobility it’s because I see the world around me changing. I know that the day after tomorrow belongs to those who have the skills to except it with all its challenges and keep movin’ in it. And last, but not at least it’s mostly because I feel the need to be a part of the change, to acquire with the skills I need to for change.
I was sure that the exchange I took part in Lithuania is a step in the right direction – I wasn’t wrong!!!

enchoMany have their prejudice for the so called Northern country people – well I had them too until I met the Lithuanians. I found so many new friends for the short time I spent there, some from the organizing group, some just from the local shop, and some even from the bus station. The feeling that you get when someone crashes your walls and boundaries is great, when you are expecting cold and dour people but you get huge smiles, great sense of humor and a true understanding of your ideas and values. Just because the people gave me that feeling I’d stay, but I came back home to tell everyone how I felt and what I saw and take my turn in the crashing walls.

The Lithuanian journey helped me to believe once again in my own strength, to start looking for answers everywhere and not to stop finding them. The sessions we had during the exchange showed me that there is no one single or right way to do the things. There are thousands ways and it’s up to us to choose which one is the best according to our moral society sense and values we have in us.

I recommend such a life experience to everyone friends or not. The world is changing and we must change with it. This is the right direction. We must learn to work together.