“Everybody should do a mobility!” – by Oana Bajka


Religion diversity and anti-discrimination training course, in 2010, Derby, UK. I decided to apply for this international training course through individuals mobility supported by Grundtvig program because the thematic of the TC was of a great interested for me, both from a professional and also a personal level. At the time, I was in my first years of work at the Intercultural Institute Timisoara (IIT), and I was in the beginning of become more aware of intercultural education importance. In my country and among the persons I work with, I had never heard of such a TC. It was recommended by a colleague from IIT who was working in the project connected with the TC. I never planned to stay in the UK. I belief my work mission (now and then) is in my home country.

The impact of mobility

Now, I realize that after the mobility I become more aware of religion diversity in the world. The training course gave me confidence that the filed in which I’m working is a good cause. I meet many people who challenged my stereotypes and prejudices.  At the personal level, at that time that I promise to a fellow participant that I would stop smoking – and I did! Also the TC was structured in a manner that I found very easy to follow and it gave me the red line that I use later in my work when I plan training activities.

Would you recommend to someone else?

YES, a big yes. I would recommend anyone to have at least one mobility experience. I cannot imagine a reason why not to do it! It offers great opportunity for personal and professional growth, a different learning environment that we are normally use to, great chance to meet people that are different from you, great opportunities to get yours values confirmed, to share with other people what you do and what you think and what you feel and it is a great opportunity to challenge your food habits also.