It should be compulsary !


A story by: Anja (ZNI)

Country of Origin: Slovenia

Country of destination: Germany


There were multiple reasons for witch i took part in a mobility experience: I always liked being in international athmosphere, meeting people from other countries. I knew I would improve my language skills and get experiences from their working environment and their system  (I did Erasmus practice) and also that I left myself all doors open and therefore make it easier easier for me if I would ever decide to move abroad and to see if I would like to move at all.

It helped me to feel like a European citizenship. I think there are extreamly few or non exchange students that are very inpatient to other people. It is about finding similarities not differences.m


I would not only advise a moiblity experience to my friends: I think it should be obligatory at least for some time. Everyone should be taken from safety  of  home couches and get some international experiences to be more open, patient to others, to broaden your mind and also too see what is good at your home place, what you might have not noticed before.