Feeling European!


Name: Constantinos Papageorgiou

Country of origin: Cyprus

Destination: Europe!

Mobility in EU countries through educational programs funded by the EU Commission or the Council of Europe has been a milestone in my personal and professional life. Because of that, I got to know the valuable tool of Non-formal education which has influenced my work as an educator. Getting to know the principles and methodology of NFE intrigued me to become an NFE trainer myself. And again, it was through such programs that I was trained to become one. Through youth training courses and exchanges, I learnt things much more important and meaningful than the ones I learnt during my formal studies in school and university.

Moreover, my interaction with young people from other countries enhanced my intercultural competence, it made me more open-minded and tolerant and it expanded my identity’s limits. No need to mention all the nice people that I met that inspired me to become a better person. Last but not least, because of European mobility I have visited several places, capital cities, countries that made me fall in love with the art of travelling and of course, made me feel more… european!


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