Final Analysis of the Blog Stories

Cap Ulysse has completed an analysis of the more than 300 stories that appear on the MOB GAE blog. Here are some highlights from the report:

It appears that personal growth was one of the most important impact in the former mobility participants. Most of them mentioned that mobility changed their life: they felt they were stronger when compared before going abroad, by acquiring over-all character building attributes. Recurring responses were underlining independence, open-mindedness, self-confidence, self esteem, being autonomous and able to adapt to new environments and situations which not only served them in their personal life but changed their lives altogether on a whole.

Related to professional growth, participants easily identified the linguistic improvements as the major added value of the mobility experience. The intercultural dimension of the mobility experience was mentioned in almost the stories as benefit and as a factor promoting learning. Learning about the self and the other, learning about cultures and learning about concept such as: diversity, stereotypes, prejudices, discrimination and xenophobia.

Regarding the question of EU citizenship and feeling European, participants have stated that they now know “what Europe really is” and have new connections with Europe. Some of those who participated in mobility programs stated that they felt very integrated and “European” given the fact that they were able to be fully immersed in a work or study environment (not as a tourist) taking advantage of the richness founded on the hosting country and their own richness.

Read the full report here.