Flash Mob in Berlin!

We enjoyed our FlashMob on 25th of July in Berlin!
Our first idea was to surprise people with the Flashmob in Tempelhof, an old Berlin Airport, now empty and open space for social projects and free time. Unfortunately, a couple of days before the event we were adviced to think on a plan B due to the forecasted bad weather with rain and wind. And when in Berlin is windy, especially on Tempelhof, it is horrible, as it is huge empty place! So, we decided to prepare a small party at our office and join to a big parade (really Berlin style) with music and thousands of people on the street. Finally the sun shined and that was the best place for sharing our promotional materials: we gave T-shirts, lot of sticks with stories inside and other small presents. We were dancing and talking with people and they were really interested to know what the MOBGAE is and why we did wear this blue and yellow T-shirts.
We were a small and mixed group with people from different regions and ages.
If you want to see the video, just click on play!


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