Francisco – ERASMUS: a lesson of independence, collaboration and friendship

A story by: Francisco Rodrigues

Country of origin: Portugal

Destination: Italy

As I was a student of Foreign Affairs, the Erasmus experience seemed a one-time life thing to do. And it was! I arrived to Genova in October 2001, when the world was in shock with the 9/11 events. I felt the influence of that, both in the academic aspects and the social aspects.

I learned a lot because it was a time of revising and creating new theories about the world and international affairs. The bounds created between the Erasmus and Italian students were forged by the feeling that life is a precious thing.

The nine months in Genova, at the age of 20 years old, were a lesson of independence, collaboration and friendship. I made friends from all over the world that I know will preserve for all my life. I developed my work and organizational skills, valuable later.

I think any mobility experience should be strong encouraged and I advise anyone to do it. Some academic courses or jobs should have a mandatory short time of foreign learning or education.

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