From Andalusia, one step forward to European Mobility

41037b09a4ca68c362d8816b46b96f4cA story by:  a Training European education consultancy based in Sevilla, in the south of Spain, specializing in mobility programmes. The training center hosts European and non-European participants, providing them with a language course, internship place, and all the necessary services (such as accommodation) during their stay. The participants are also provided with a tutor who supports them and acts as a point of contact throughout the programme.  

– How do you benefit both personally and professionally from working in the mobility field?

Professionally, we have been able to create a network of partners all over Europe and the United States, as well as companies from a wide variety of professional sectors in Seville. After many years of collaboration we have gained mutual trust with our partners and host companies.

Personally, it is very satisfying to see our participants carrying out a good job in their training companies. Our goal is that the participants learn and enjoy their stay in Seville. In addition, it is rewarding from a cultural point of view because we meet participants from many different countries that let us know more about their customs, traditions…

– In your opinion, how does the mobility experience benefit the participant?

They acquire more autonomy, self-confidence and independence, and also the ability to adapt to a different way of life and to face new challenges. The participants can see another “reality” in their professional sector and a different way of working. And of course, they can learn or improve their language skills!

– In your opinion, What do the host companies (who provide placements for the participants) gain from participating in the mobility projects?

For the host companies it is really rewarding to have a foreign trainee who can give new ideas, offer another point of view, or explain a different way of working. For some companies, participants are like a breath of fresh air. In fact, sometimes the result of the training has been so good that the companies have hired the participants.

– What tips can you give to current and future participants to ensure they get the most out of their experience abroad?

We think that flexibility, adaptability and motivation are three important qualities participants should have. We also recommend that they should immerse themselves in the culture and the language, and socialise with local people.

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