“From exclusion – to integration” – though mobility … by Romina Matei


I’ve done my first international mobility 10 years ago (in 2005) and since then I’ve participated in more than 100 international events. That first mobility completely changed my life. I took part in that first one because my mentor, Eugen Gherga, from the Intercultural Institute Timisoara – the organisation where I’ve been a volunteer, told me that there is a free space for an international training course organized in Bulgaria and that he thought that I would be appropriate to participate. I’ve said yes, without knowing very precise on what to expect. It was a training course organized by the international youth organisation Youth Express Network, based on non-formal methods – and this changed my perception about education. Back then I’d considered that I’ve learn in seven days what I didn’t learn in four years in my high school and one year of University. I didn’t stay there, after the mobility I came back home and I completely changed my life afterwards.

The mobility showed me a completely new profession – afterwards I decided to continue my trainings to become international trainer in the youth field. Also on my personal life, I become more self aware, I’ve improved my English and I’ve created new and strong friendships.

After my first mobility, I decided to tell everyone about doing a mobility and even decided to dedicate all my professional time for this process … so I will 100% recommend to my friends, family … to everyone to do an international mobility – because it is a tool to learn more about yourself.