From Intern to Masters Student, Tanja, Germany

tanjaA story by Tanja

Country of origin:Germany

Country of destination:UK

I always loved travelling, learning new languages, meeting new people and get to know different cultures. Because of this interest I chose a degree programme with an international approach which also gave me the chance to go abroad for a while and get a deeper insight of other cultures. After having spent some time in Mexico I decided to go abroad again, gain some more work experience and improve my English – prepare myself for an international working environment. Luckily, my university offers a lot of help to students who want to go abroad and I was sure that I want to stay in Europe this time. First, I was checking internship opportunities in England but then I got the chance to do an internship in Belfast and I must say, it was the best decision to go there!


I was doing an internship in HR and Business Administration at Intern Europe which facilitates short term internships for students from all over Europe. My main tasks there were to conduct Skype interviews and to prepare documents for the people arriving to Belfast. In the beginning I was pretty nervous about the Skype interviews as I am not native English myself but it taught me a lot about how to behave when you do an interview in a different language. I also learned a lot about time management as I could organise most of the day by myself. It was also great to meet a lot of young people from all over Europe who were in the same situation as I and to share experiences with them,

give them tips and also listen to their concerns.


Of course, this time in Belfast is a big plus on my CV but I think it was even more important for myself. I am more independent, more open, I enjoy going somewhere by myself and just meet other people, interact with them and make the best out of my time.

Through this mobility programme I got the chance to visit so many new places, to meet people from all over the world and make some great friends. And of course to improve my English. I would recommend such a mobility experience to everyone who gets the chance to do one.


I think it didn’t influence my feeling about my European citizenship as I was already aware of it. My university puts in a lot of effort to make us aware of the opportunities we have and encourages us to go abroad. We also welcome a lot of European students at our university.


Unfortunately, after 6 month my time in Belfast was over and I had to leave to finish my degree but I am thinking about going back and take the opportunity to do a Master degree there. Thank you to everyone who made my time so special!

Madeline Blackburn - Intern Europe

Having taught all over the world, Madeline is passionate helping young people to find work opportunities overseas. She is a co-director of Intern Europe and ESPA which are dedicated to helping young adults find great work experience and internships across Europe.

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