From Poland to the UK, Nicole’s story


A story by   Nicole,

Country of Origin  Poland ,

Country of destination UK,

After my graduation I got an opportunity to do an internship from Erasmus+ Programme. But provided that I will find company by myself. I decided UK could be a good destination because I wanted to develop my English and meet new culture.

I started searching future opportunity on different websites and I sent hundreds of my CV and finally I got an answer from company in lovely Bath. I was so excited but in the same time stressed that I will not pass my Skype interview. After couple of minutes the director of the company suggested me a business development vacancy and gave me 24 hours to make my decision. The opportunity of development my skills, improvement of English, living in different country and meeting new people gave me my final answer.

I did it! I agreed for a job and ten days later I was in England.

I worked for company in Bath 3 months and now I am still in UK. I decide I would like to stay here for few years. I also start my university here and in next three years I will change my proficiency form business to law.

The time of mobility shown me (from my personal point view) what I would like to do with my life, how big is difference between Poland and UK, how English people and their behaviour changed me. How big influence has a different culture on our live and which doors its open the front of us. However, form the professional point of view I could see in which areas of business I don’t see myself in next few years. It developed my experience and tough patience in process of finding a perfect job. It had influence on my future study which I had chosen.

Before I participated to this mobility I already felt like a European citizen because of my different travels and studied abroad in Spain. This internship helped me to keep this feeling and learnt new things, customs and habits.

Everyone should try his kind of possibility. Because it could give us even more that we expect.

So if you have proposition of working/ studying abroad, don’t wait! You will not lose anything, quite the contrary! Enjoy!


Madeline Blackburn - Intern Europe

Having taught all over the world, Madeline is passionate helping young people to find work opportunities overseas. She is a co-director of Intern Europe and ESPA which are dedicated to helping young adults find great work experience and internships across Europe.

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