From Spain to Northern Ireland

  • Juan Joe
  • Sans titre

A story by  Juan-Jo
Country of origin of the beneficiary: Spain
Country in which he realized the mobility project: Northern Ireland

Throughout my time in Northern Ireland I have visited many touristic places around the area. In my free time I tried to relax or meet up with friends. We would usually go to play pool and have a drink or stay at home playing some games and watching movies. Overall the thing I liked most about Ireland was the local people’s character. Also the fact there was always something to do in Derry. Also I met a lot of good people and made some great friends.

I took part in this mobility project as I wanted to learn about a different culture, broaden my horizons, improve my English and learn more about my profession in a different environment.
My favourite thing about my work placement was that it was a good placement with great people. The people were one of the main reasons I decided to stay in Northern Ireland after the project as I liked the people of Northern Ireland so much. The thing I liked most was the staff because they were always as helpful as they could be as they tried to speak slower when I couldn’t understand and really made me feel part of the team. I recommend that everyone should do a work experience like this. My main tips for students are they shouldn’t worry about the local accent because they will get used to it.
What I gained both professionally and personally, was I got professional work experience and learnt a lot of technical vocabulary and personally I met a lot of good people from Ireland and a lot of people from different countries also.

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