How to change your life for better

A story by Diana Nedeva

Country of origin Bulgaria

Country of destination: Austria, Poland, France & Italy

DSC_1092Everything began with my willingness to do something more than working in a bank – oh, hard times. Most probably being a volunteer in some local organizations made me curious to explore more of what this world can offer. And after one youth exchange a whole new field which was completely hidden for me showed up, just like that. Full of freshness, freedom and amazing people.

And then it all started It was an avalanche! An explosion! A great journey!

I found myself enjoying the activities of the first Youth exchange to the full. As a participant in different trainings (organized by SALTO, National agency or NGOs), EVS and seminars I met many people with who we share the same views. If you want to feed your dreams and passions that’s one of the most important things you can do–to find like-minded people.

Each of the projects was precious and each of them gave me something very special and changed my point of view. That’s why I am totally in love with the Non-formal education and many of the methods used in the youth field. And after spending many hours experiencing, reading and exploring them, I became a person actively involved in organizing youth projects, trainings and events. Of course, there was a lot of ambiguity, doubt, insecurity, but you just overcome them. They are as important as the nice moments.

At the moment for instance I am one of the lucky people who participate in TOT (Training of trainers 2014/2015 by SALTO) and together with the other TOTers we collaborate, learn and practice our training skills and enrich our knowledge. The training is 10 months with 3 seminars and training practice project organized and implemented by teams of four participants. We have been to beautiful places in Austria, Poland and are going to go to France and Italy.

In the beginning I believed that by changing others’ life you change your own. Now, what I clearly realize is that it works as well as that the other way around. By changing your life for the better you are able to make the others happier too.

And all of that for free, funded by EU and possible because all of the great, gorgeous, inspirational people involved in it and working together.

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