I decided to stay…


A strory by Déborah

Country of Origin: France

Country of Destination


In 2010 I finished my studies and I wanted to have an experience in another country, I wanted to travel. Some of my friends told me about the EVS so I decided to go away with this program. I applied for all countries in the south of Europe in social area and the first one which said me that I could go was Bolzano. During my EVS I met my boyfriend and that’s why I decided to stay. I found a work: for three months in another association and then the association where I had done my EVS hire me as Educator with Rom people. After that I decided to change and now I work as a French teacher. I’m still with my boyfriend and we have a little girl who is 8 months.

When I arrived in Bolzano I wanted to do another experience in another country after that one but I find a job I like and I can’t do in my country and I set up here with my boyfriend and my daughter. I don’t really feel European but I’m more conscious about the different culture and even about mine and I learn a lot about things I haven’t thought before going here. I really advise this kind of experience to people who are open minded because they can learn a lot about life and about themselves.

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