I feel much more independent!!

Name: Daniel Zmenda

Country of origin of the beneficiary: Poland

Country in which s/he realized the mobility project: Northern Ireland

Type of mobility (professional, education, volunteering, non formal training/adult training, youth exchanges): Erasmus+

I took part in the mobility experience because I want to improve my English, meet new people and get more experience.


When people ask what I like most about my work placement, I have so many things to say; how it was a great way to improve my English, as I wouldn’t get the same experience back home but also I love my workmates and supervisors.  I got along great with them, they were good craic and made me feel like a local!

But, unfortunately I have to go back to Poland, I need to finish my studies.

Mobility brought to my life more confidence and courage with talking in English and got me some new experience in work.

The things I have gained both professionally and personally from this project are improved language skills as my language level is now better than ever and I believe this was an entirely new experience for me.

I think that the mobility helped me feel more like a normal European citizen, because I learn a lot from it, and it gave me more knowledge.


For sure I would, because it’s really helpful. The mobility project has helped me to improve my English, understand native English speakers and feel confident about working abroad in the future. I feel much more independent, self-sufficient and feel much more like a European citizen as I have experienced another culture, something which I have never done before. There are many cultural differences in Derry, with the main one for me being the food.