I realized how much was I concentrated on daily problems and I forget how the world is beautiful and full of opportunities



A story by: Anja
Country of origin : Slovenia
Country of destination: Brazil

I decided to take part in mobility project beacuse I always wanted to try something new. In Slovenia we have local project where we can go on volunteering work accros the world and so I decided to go to Brazil. The first time I went, was in 2012 for 6 weeks and the experience complety changed my life. I was working as volunteer in the poorest region of Brazil at the center of extracurricular activities for children. Before the experience I was not so open minded and flexible, but this experience completly open my eyes. I learned new language, how to be more confident anh I started to trust my abilities. I realized how much I was concentrated on daily problems and I forget how the world is beautiful and full of opportunities. I did not see this at home, where we have suit-able schools, healt care and other material things, but it was shown to me by people and children who are living in the poorest region of the country.
Beacuse I enoyed every minute of it, I decided to go back in 2013 for four month and I never regreted this decision. Brazilians and their culture are complety different from environment where I grow up and I realized how well I can adjust into their way of living, which showed me how much is one person capabile in terms of flexibility and that all the restriction are in our head.
I would definitely recommend mobility experience to all people, beacuse this are the oportunity hat can break your routine and open your eyes.

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