I struggle when I know the words to a place by heart



A strory by Dalia Moretto

Country of origin: Italy

Country of destination: Catalonia (Spain)

Hi! I’m Dalia, I’m thirty years old and in Spring 2015 I took part in a two-month VET project in Barcelona. I had some experiences abroad in the past years, and I’ve been volunteering  for several years now in two associations in my home country, Italy, active in the fields of non-formal education and youth international mobility.

I strongly believe in international mobility as a tool for learning and self-development; when you’re away, it’s like having an external eye on you, like seeing yourself from the outside: it’s a chance to discover your skills and limits, and go over them if you want.

I like the feeling of being a bit lost when you are away from your familiar context and you have to learn to solve situations by yourself, from everyday little things such as not being able to orientate yourself in a new city or learning how to count the number of floors in your block of flats, to… dealing with yourself! That’s when discovery and learning begin.

I think a mobility project is sort of safe situation in which you can work on yourself inside a frame, with the chance of having guidance figures supporting you in the learning process.

It is also a good, useful way to get into a community and getting to know it, and to acquire some relativism about how to deal with what cultures and identities are. It’s a matter of combining where you are, and how you’re living.

During my VET project in Barcelona I worked in two organizations dealing with international cooperation, mobility and non-formal education. And now, since that I think that – at least for me! – a person belongs to different places, I’m back in Barcelona again, for an EVS project, during which I’d like to go deeper about anti-discrimination practices and active citizenship.

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