I wanted to challenge myself!

A story from Maria Manuel Rola

Country of origin: Portugal

Country of destination: Spain


My name is Maria Manuel Rola.

I went to Spain to do a master in Design and direction of exhibition projects, one year, in 2008/2009.

I didn’t had the possibility to do Erasmus so later I decided to go to my master in Barcelona. I wanted to go further on my studies, to learn more and broaden my knowledge in the area of design and at the time in Portugal there was no master in this area.

It was a nice opportunity to spend some time abroad and achieve personal growth and to be more independent. Basically, I wanted to challenge myself.

If we go in the mood to discover, this kind of experiences always help to show us that we can adapt to different situations. It was an important time of my life. I’ve learned to deal with the challenges, to find out more at several levels, to be self sufficient and confident, to overcome some things.

These moments always leads us to many questions and doubts, but its challenging!

It also helped me to improve the work I do.DSC00736

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