Intermediary meeting in Prague, 22nd and 23rd January 2015

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The good cooperation of all partners within MOB G.A.E. progresses at a good pace. After one year working together most of the aims set for 2014 were successfully reached. The website, social media and the blog represent well the project and the work done by the partnership. Hundreds of stories of former mobility participants have been collected.  Its multiplicity is of vast wealth: the mobility experience enhanced the entrepreneurship skills of one’s (Joanna from Poland opened her own  small business); the professional skills of other’s (Fabrizio worked on a top Czech Architecture Studio, sitting side by side with people he admires); and influenced the personal development of all of them and their lives. Statements like  (…)“how I was born”. Not as a child, but as an independent, active, lively and purposeful person (…)” thanks to a mobility project or how former participants became aware they are European citizens to 100% are not seldom and a transversal reality to all stories.

Not only the blog is a success but also the research phase. The aim of running the survey to study the impact of international mobility experiences in personal and professional lives of a group of 2500 former participants, organisations, people dealing with mobility was achieved. This year the Intercultural Institute of Timiosara will prepare a reported based on the collected data and the belief MOBility as a source of personal and professional Growth, Autonomy and Employability will be either confirmed or refuted, partly or entirely.

Not only were the successes discussed but also the challenges. The tasks for 2015 focus on dissemination of the project results and apart from the local meetings, trainings, and a joint flash mob on the European Union Day (9th May) are on the top of the agenda.

Gain a more detailed insight on the results and upcoming actions by reading the minutes of the meeting.


Minute of the meeting