It helped me grow faster


A story by Giuseppe

Country of origine : Italy

Country of destination : Catalonia (Spain)
I’m Giuseppe, a 18 years old student from Napoli who took part in a VET project in Barcelona. I stayed in the Catalan capital for 4 weeks and I really liked this city; Barcelona is a safe town and the public transport services are excellent! When I arrived I was selected to stay alone in a hostel located near Park Güell, while other participants of my group were all together in another hostel. I didn’t like to stay alone, in particular the first days, but this gave me the chance to see life from another point of view that helped me to grow up faster.

Nexes has a really nice team, who helped me to smile even if at the beginning it was difficult for me. They are amazing!! Thanks to their help and to my persistence, I was able to adapt to this new situation and to see the positive aspects. They were always there for me and my thanks will never be enough.

During my stay in Catalonia I did an intership at The Hostel Box. Clara, Anna, Manoli and all the staff are a very strong team, they work hard and they are all nice persons.

This experience of mobility made me very happy and enriched me personally and professionally.

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