It is more than I expected!


A sotry by Juliia

Country of origin: Ukraine

Country of destination Poland

My name is Iuliia. I am 23 years old. I am from Ukraine. Since I became 18 I always wanted to do EVS. Every year I  was reading so many descriptions of different projects in different countries. But always something happend that I could not leave my home so easily. Just now I can understand why…..)

Finally after 5 years I did it. I applied for this amazing program and I came to Poland, to Wroclaw.

I like organization I came in (Semper Avanti). I really like the idea of my project (Multicultural Language  Café or MLC) to teach youth in different informal ways, to share my culture, to talk about tolerance and human rights. I like everything.

For every person EVS has its own personal meaning.

For me EVS is LOVE. Thanks to this project I have meet my love, person whom I was waiting for a long time.

I will never forget my EVS…

I advice everyone to try it. It is amazing experience.

Dorota Kowalska -SemperAvanti

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