It made me grow a lot !

MelinaA story from:Melanie

Country of origin: Spain

Country of Destination: Portugal

My name is Melanie, I’m 24 years old and I’m from Barcelona. I took part in a Leonardo da Vinci project two years ago. The main purpose of why I did it was because I wanted to gain more experience in my degree, social work, and this project gave me the opportunity. I worked as a social worker in two different places and in another country! It was a challenge for me professionally and personally. Also, I love travelling and meeting new people from different cultures and learning other languages!

I learnt a lot thanks to the incredible people I met and at the end I felt part of the teams in both places where I worked. And of course, I love Lisboa and the places around. It’s a beautiful city with incredible people and with lots to discover and to do!

Personally, it made me grow a lot and I got to know myself a little better. And professionally, I could see others ways of working and I gained some experience in two different fields that I hadn’t tried before, mental health and community development.

I would absolutely recommend this kind of experiences to everyone! Travelling is sharing, and sharing is living!

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