It was a nice experience for me and I enjoyed and learned a lot during Erasmus mobility


Name: Marko
Country of origin : Slovenia
Country of destination: Spain

As I always liked to travel and meet new acquaintances and discover new places I had a wish for quite some time to stay abroad for a longer time to get to know a particular country and its people better. I got the opportunity in year 2011 when I chose to go on an Erasmus Exchange. From all given destinations I was most keen on Valencia in Spain. Before this time I had never been in this country and I wondered how living in a country that has a totally different cultural heritage and pace of living would be.

After some waiting, paperwork and preparations I finally arrived in Valencia. My first impression was all about vivid colors and my first experience was the confusion with their underground. Secondly I felt insecure because I was not sure about the apartment that I chose with my friend who was already there. Though I had my doubts about staying in an overcrowded place I didn’t regret this choice. I had a pleasant experience living with other students that gave me insight how and why people that live in other countries think about and react different than me on a particular subject. This enriched my knowledge about foreign cultures and I got less problems with accepting cultural differences. I was introduced to the Spanish curriculum so I got familiar with an educational system that was a bit new for me. Overall, it was a nice experience for me and I enjoyed and learned a lot during Erasmus mobility that lasted six months. I think that Erasmus changed and gave me a better point of view about foreign countries so I have more experience whenever I will search for a job in a multinational corporation. I think that every student should attend some form of student exchange during their college.