It was an unique experience!

A story from Carla Lima

Country of origin: Portugal

Country of destination: Spain

My name is Carla Lima.

In 2008, I did Erasmus at Cruz Roja Española, in Madrid, for four months.
I’ve always wanted to do this. I had a good feedback from friends who had a positive experience. When the opportunity appeared, during my degree, I did not hesitate and I applied to the Erasmus program.
I choose this mobility by the geographic location, greater linguistic facility (spanish) and to be a way to open doors to deepen my knowledge of the social reality of other countries.
During my experience, I improved my Spanish and English, I got more knowledge of other cultures and personal enrichment. It also opened the possibility of integration into the international labour market.

What I achieved?
– Autonomy in general.
– Greater adaptive capacity to adverse situations.
– More knowledge at social-political level. Professional advantages.
– Expand my personal and professional contacts.
It was an unique experience!06022010032

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