Leandro Costa – we’re all citizens of Europe… of the world.

A Story by Leandro Costa

Country of Origin: Portugal

Destination: Netherlands, Belgium, Italy, for Youth Exchanges, Training course

I had the opportunity to take part of this mobility youth exchanges projects since I was just 15 years old.

It was a lifetime experience, and I have got the chance to do it with my friends, and it became a really interesting bonding experience in such early age. I have faced a variety of aspects of different cultures, and having to deal with them, during this projects activities, we end those with the feeling that despite of this differences, we´re all citizens of Europe… of the world.

I have learn so much about almost anything, every time I went on an international exchange, and even nowadays, I use some of that apprenticeship, whether it’s an interesting group dynamic about human rights or a silly party game.

Further on, now with a different maturity, these experiences made me realize that, behind the cultural aspects of the experience itself, we weren’t so different at all.

I recommend everyone that has the opportunity to take on one of this mobility projects, to just dive deep, and appreciate it later.

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