Lilly – Three weeks in exotic Indonesia

A Story by Lilly Uzunova

Country of origin: Bulgaria

Country of Destination: Indonesia

DSC_1031editMy name is Lilly and I am student of Journalism in Bulgaria. I am passionate about visiting new places and I would like to tell you about my best experience.
Last October I was in Indonesia for three weeks. I took part of journalist training’s program Beyond Your World with 12 young people. Beyond Your World is funded by the European Commission and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The purpose of the program was to bring more attention to foreign journalism and especially to the coverage of developing countries on issues such as human rights, globalization and international cooperation. Thanks to this project I had the chance to increase my knowledge beyond the Great European Union Family and report on indigenous issues. Through conducting interviews and attending events, I have visited Central Java and Bali. These are some of the most beautiful places I have seen in my life! Together with the other students, we also found some time for tourism: I saw the world’s largest Buddhist temple Borobudur, I climbed volcano Merapi, I walked on the beaches of Bali and I tried some typical Indonesian dishes.
This program has been beneficial for both my personal development and my career in the Journalism field. I am so glad I decided to apply for the program as I have experienced a different way of life, met new friends and had visit exotic places!
This experience has inspired me a lot to travel beyond Europe and I challenge everybody to try!

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