Londonderry – Lara Albergo

Name: Lara Albergo
Country of origin : Italy
Destination Country: Northern Ireland

It wasn’t the first time for me abroad. I previously lived in Cambridge and it was an interesting experience. For me, moving to Derry was an opportunity to experience life in the North of Ireland and to grow up professionally but, most of all, to try to continue my career abroad.
I’ve always been in love with Ireland, and the Leonardo da Vinci was an incredible opportunity to travel again with the added bonus of expenses covered, an English course and a work placement that was absolutely in line with my expectations. My placement was at the NW Academy, a language school, where I was in charge of Administration and Marketing.
I know I lived my project in quite an unusual way, no trips and not a lot of nights out as I was also working in a bar at the weekends to supplement my grant, but I don’t regret a single moment. I had the opportunity to learn there also, meet a lot of locals and deepen my knowledge of local habits and culture.
Since I came here I have definitely met interesting people and broadened my mind even more.
What can I say after finishing it? I am still living in Derry…so definitely this project helped me to reach my aim and probably brought me some luck. 

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