Marcello – This experience has inspired me a lot





Prague 02


A Story by Marcello, a Public Relations Manager

Country of Origin: Italy

Destination: Prague (Czech Republic)

(Story collected by Vuste Envis)

I graduated in Media and Communication Studies in 2006. After a couple of trainings- for an Italian company a training period often means to take on workers for free, trying to exploit them as much as possible, without any training!- I started working for a small advertising company in my own town, Palermo. Even though I liked the job in itself- I worked as an account executive and as a strategic planner-, I had always the feeling that I wasn’t in the best place and situation to fulfill and express myself.

After three years, I therefore decided to leave the job and try to find my way. I had always dreamt to have a work experience abroad, especially after a trip in England, where I had the chance to know many people from all over the world, and I dealt with cultures very far from mine, but because of this capable of enriching me culturally and personally. Being chosen for the project Leonardo was a perfect chance to start, and Prague has given me such a great inspiration and hope for my future! Thanks to Vuste Envis guys, I immediately had the feeling to be in a multicultural, open-minded and respectful environment.

During the second week of my staying, I had my first interview for a communication consultancy company. It immediately seemed to me the kind of work experience I was looking for! It was not a classic PR and communication firm, but they offered many innovative services, giving me the chance to learn a lot. Since the first day, I had an incredible good relationship with my boss and colleagues. They always infected me with their energy, stamina and good mood! During my internship, I was in charge of business development of the company in the Italian community in the Czech Republic and I contributed to the company’s communication strategy, as well as to a mailing campaign, made to improve their renown among potential clients.

I also attended many prestigious events and formal evenings, knowing many eminent people, and I didn’t expect that it would have been so funny and interesting! Thanks to my amazing Czech friends, I often used to go to very typical places and I tried so many delicious dishes! Prague is a magic city, an open air museum full of everything you need to have fun and very multicultural. The place where I lived was very cool and I knew many interesting people from all across Europe, some of them are still good friends of mine.

This experience has inspired me a lot to proceed with my career and most of all it has encouraged me to not stop fighting to fulfill my dreams!

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