meet new people

Name Nikolett Deak

Country of origin of the beneficiary Hungary

Country in which s/he realized the mobility project Ireland

Type of mobility (professional, education, volunteering, non formal training/adult training, youth exchanges) Erasmus

I wanted to get experience, improve my English language, meet new people and I was interested in different cultures. I took part in this project for lots of reasons. I knew that this project would teach me responsibility and also help me to learn new language skills. I wanted to become more independent and travel to a new part of the world and experience a new culture.

Life here is very different. People are very friendly and the city is beautiful. I really like the architecture and history of the place. I would love to return in the future and maybe look for work here.


Personally, I feel I have developed from being in contact with so many new people with different backgrounds and viewpoints.  Professionally, I have learnt how my job is done in another country and this experience will be invaluable for the future.