Mobility, an experience that no one can take that away from you! by Andreea Gherga

AndreeaI’ve participated in the mobility program Erasmus during August, 2011 and July, 2012 – at Rovira I Virgili University, Tarragona, Spain, while I was studying for my Master Degree. (Second year of Master studies).

I always wanted to take part in an full international experience: living in a different country, having colleagues from all over the world, studying in a totally different educational system, and overall learning and getting to know as many things possible about the people and about the culture of the country where I moved to and about the other people and cultures I’m interacting with.

During my mobility, first I’ve decided to stay there, and then I went back to my city, Timisoara. The Erasmus experience has enriched me on many levels that I wanted to continue this growth. Therefore I applied for an International Students Grant at Rovira I Virgili University from Tarragona, Spain – and I’ve received the grant in order to study there for a second Master degree of 1 year classes. Everything appeared to be on my side, I was on my way to enjoy another year of the great international experience I dreamed of. Why I interrupted it after one Semester and went back home? It might sound foolish, but I couldn’t find my place there anymore. My international friends were coming and leaving the city, everything was changing and I began to want something else than the same experience I already had during Erasmus.

I couldn’t imagine myself without the mobility experience I had. It was the best time of my life! It made me open my mind more than I ever did. It was a continuous adventure, but more than anything – it helped me develop myself on each level: personally, professionally, inter-humanly and so on. I’ve met hundreds of new people, I’ve traveled a lot, I’ve seen things you just can’t see anywhere (or if you are staying only in your home country), I’ve learned a lot about people and life in general, and about myself.

If I would recommend it to someone else, well if it was up to me, I would make it mandatory! I think it’s absolutely the best experience you can have as a student and a total loss if you miss it! It doesn’t have to be necessarily Erasmus program, there are many other mobility programs that are accessible not only while you’re studying, but mine was as a student and it was fantastic! Why would I recommend it… mostly because it really enriches your life in a way that no other experience can, and you will only have advantages afterwards. While you are in a new country you make a special bond with the ones that are going through the same experience – new and international friends it’s a plus in this.  Your language skills will improve; you will learn new languages and improve the foreign ones that you already know. You will travel; you will eat new and different things. You will see how other people study and how they do things. Overall, you will be a part of an experience that will change your life for the better, and no one can take that away from you!


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