Mobility gives positive results

greg2Story by: Greg Stanoev
Origin of country: Bulgaria
Origin of destination: Greece

Hi everybody. My name is Greg Stanoev from Bulgaria, currently working in the area of banking service. I would like to share with you a story of my travel to Thessaloniki, Greece. It was long time ago and I was there for a training course on Writing blog, creating short video clips and how to work in a Radio show. This was part of 2 years long initiative organized in the framework of EU project, led by C.E.G.A. Foundation.

I was there with another 6 great youngster from Bulgaria and 20 more from Germany, Greece and Romania. I should say that this was my first international experience in such an environment. We have had mix group of youngsters belonging to different ethnic group, including Roma people from all of the countries.

greg4I had really good time and all the methods used by the trainers were such an amazing and we had lots of fun. We also had a day in Thessaloniki where we had to discover different historical part in teams and it was really fun. We had to become a team and in the same time discover the incredible city. Thessaloniki is so sunny town and with lot of small streets and very lovely restaurants and small bars where you can have your famous made Frappe.

I am really thankful that I went to the training, because I was exposed to something which I was not used to, especially speaking in front of many people and interacting with people from different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

greggI also got inspired to study English, because I was not able to communicate very good with the others, although some of the Germans were actually refugees from Serbia.  Particularly this mobility gave me self-esteem to speak up what I think and giving ideas without being afraid that I am saying something stupid. I wish more youngsters and youth in general to take advantage of such mobilities whether training or exchange, just to experience and take something positive out of it.