My colourful identity


A story by: Ilaria Pietropoli

Country of origin: Germany

Country of destination: Italy

I took part to a mobility experience because I would like to know something different. I will experience new places, faces, cultures, traditions and ways of life. In addition, I would also learn something new, as for instance a new language.

Why did I decide to go back also if I would have liked to stay in Germany? I decide to go back because the universities in Germany do not offer what I was looking for, however, I am going to live another abroad experience.

From the personal point of view, I felt in love, I met friends and I broadened my network of contacts. I learnt a language that I previous considered difficult, I understand how the German university works, I felt in love with a country, its people and traditions. From the professional point of view, I improved my linguistic skills, I learn better to organize myself and to leave alone, for a Year, without any help from my family, I organize my money and time.

I feel that the mobility helped me to feel like a European citizenship, completely. Now I feel myself more Italian and at the same time more connected with others countries in Europe, due to the friendship I made. No stereotypes are now accepted.

I would totally advise this experience to my friends, Erasmus experiences are important to get out form your comfort and grey area, in order to experience a wide world, full of colours, ways of lives and differences. An enrichment that I would suggest to everybody: the ability to open your mind, to listen to others, to have fun, to compromise your identity in order to create a more colourful one.

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