My ERASMUS in Czech Republic

A story from Ricardo Pires,

Country of origine: Portugal

Country of destination: Czech Republic

I decided to participate in this mobility for the experience itself… I always liked traveling and knowing new places and this seemed like the perfect way to travel and do something useful with my education.

In the end I didn’t stayed, because I had something’s I couldn’t leave in Portugal, but if I had time and nothing holding me back in home I would stay in Czech Republic.

This experience brought me a lot of cultural experience and a lot of knowledge about Europe, Africa and even Asia!! I knew a lot of new people, new habits, new languages and new ways of seeing the world. I also learned how people work and act during their job routines! It definitely helped me to feel like a European citizenship! I felt that each country in Europe is different, but still the same! We all can get along and learn from each other, and most of all, we can all be good friends!

If you ask me if I would you advise a mobility experience to your friends/family, I strongly say Yes!! For sure!! And I would also say to them to keep an open mind, be open to new experiences and get the best out of all!!

Ricardo2 Ricardo1I’m in the middle, seated on the floor

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