My Erasmus in Ireland, an internship in Poland and European Voluntary Service in Barcelona…


A story by Alexandra

Country of Origin: France

Country of destination: Spain

Born from Polish parents, I grew up in France and got early involved on social and environmental issues. In quest for projects with concrete impact and maximal integration, I did my Erasmus in Ireland, after an internship in Poland, a European Voluntary Service in Barcelona, followed by numerous projects Youth in Action, which led me everywhere, even for documentaries on European memory and international cooperation.

Since 2 years, I’m not a student anymore, nonetheless my faith in destiny, my ideals, my passion and my smile persist and make sparkle my eyes- say my parents, all what the European programs can stir up! And the vocation is up to you: from a possible career in Brussels (I was a parliamentary assistant with Humanity in Action), I turned to field action through the education of permaculture, yoga and circus, always integrating a dimension of non formal pedagogic.

The professional mobility Leonardo and Grundtvig got along with me on this path. This year, I worked with the association Permacultura Barcelona which promotes the design of sustainable human settlement, raising awareness to ecology, to a healthy and active lifestyle and to ethical and local consumption. At the moment, I wish to pursue project management and teaching activities at a European scale, notably with acroyoga.

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