My experience by Michal

Name: Michal

Country of origin of the beneficiary: Slovakia

Country in which s/he realized the mobility project: Northern Ireland

Type of mobility (professional, education, volunteering, non formal training/adult training, youth exchanges): Erasmus +

I decided to take part in a mobility experience because I wanted meet new people and learn more about Irish culture and I wanted learn better English. I think I can learn English better in country where everybody speaks English because there I have to use English


Id stay but in Slovakia I have got a girlfriend and family.

I really enjoyed staying in Derry. I like my work placement. People here are friendly. I will miss this because I like Derry and I got a lot of skills in my field.

I learned more about Irish culture. I have more experience than before and I also learned better English. Mobility has brought so much to my life. My English has improved, I feel more independent and confident after spending several weeks in another country. I met lots of good and lovely people, who helped me in my work, to learn English and to learn the customs of this city

Yes, this mobility has helped me to feel much more like a European citizen as I have spent time in another European country, living with a family and experienced a different culture.